Karen Crosby Art



I am a Kent based artist with a community focused art practice to support and encourage an understanding of the history and potential of the Swale area and more recently Brick Lane, London.


In 2014, I completed a Master of Arts in fine Art, from University of Creative Arts, Canterbury.

My BA Degree show was showcased for the Platform award 2012, at the Turner Contemporary, Margate.

My MA work was selected for the 51zero festival which went on the tour of France, MAC, Lens 2015.

Artist Statement


I create daydreams by layering photographs, 16mm film, projections and video installations.

My work is site specific and about a certain way of looking. Responding to experiences that explore history and reveal hidden places. Fragments, traces, signs, memories and dreams all leave room for the imagination, transforming the world of objects into a world of visions.


This method allows me greater freedom to explore places, the environment and atmosphere of the landscape. To create something fresh and new, which is, at the same time true to its location.

Working with layers, I assemble multiple moments of time passing into a final image that can connect with our past, and with our imagination, re-emphasising  the connections between the real world and the mind.